Bet365 Casino United Kingdom 2016 Review

casino-rating-4Bet365 Casino is one of those online gaming sites that really seems to be firing on all cylinders and has something to offer just about every type of gamer out there, regardless of their preferences or even their skill level. When designing an online gaming site, every individual element has to gel together into a cohesive whole to create the best possible environment for the user. It’s about more than just the available selection of games, although that is very important. The theme, the software and even the customer service and support options all need to mix into a fun and pleasant environment for everyone involved.

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Bet 365 Casino Review UKTheme of Bet365 Casino

After spending even a few seconds with Bet365 Casino the theme of the site becomes incredibly clear: one of simple, sleek sophistication. The colour scheme of the site places a heavy emphasis on blacks, greens and reds — the same types of colours that you are likely to find in a traditional casino in your area. Though the site certainly has its fair share of flashy graphics, none of these get in the way of what is really important: finding the game that you want to play quickly and easily. The user interface graphics are arranged incredibly logically, allowing players to bounce back and forth from game to game with minimum effort.

Bet365 Casino Specials and Bonuses

Bet365 Casino offers a wide variety of specials and bonuses that will help keep players coming back for more and more. One of the most notable promotions that the site is currently running is a £6,000 bonus bundle, which gives players the ability to claim even more bonuses than are typically available thanks to a series of high quality deposit bonuses. Players can claim the bonus up to four times a week, claiming an amount of between £20 and £400 each time. The only requirement is that players use the promotion code BONUS3000 every time they make a qualifying deposit or transfer using the site.

The site also offers a VIP Scheme, which allows players to engage with their favourite titles and claim additional rewards as their skill improves and they move up the VIP ladder over time. Bet365 Casino is most definitely the type of site that knows how to treat its fans properly.

Games Selection found at Bet365 Casino

Though other online gaming sites certainly have a larger number of games available for users, Bet365 Casino clearly practices the idea of “quality over quantity” when it comes to its game selection. All of the old classics are accounted for, like Premium European Roulette, Top Trumps World Football Stars 2014, Live Baccarat, Sherlock Mystery, Blackjack and more. The game selection on the site is broken down into a variety of helpful categories that allow users to find exactly what they’re looking for in a matter of seconds. If you want to see only the best of the best, you can click the “Featured Games” category and view the top titles at any given moment, as well as the progressive jackpot games and the amount those jackpots are currently sitting at. All types of gamers will find something to play at Bet365 Casino, regardless of their preferences.

Bet365 Mobile Casino and App

All you need is a current smartphone and you can gain access to Bet365 Casino’s Mobile App. The app has the potential to entirely change how you’ve come to understand online gaming. The Bet365 Mobile App creates the possibility of experiencing great casino games while you’re out living your life. You no longer have to schedule a specific time to game; whether you live in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, it’s completely up to you to decide when and where you want to get you game on.

Bet365 Casino Graphics/Software

A large part of the reason that Bet365 Casino is so successful has to do with the graphics and software that are on display. Though not powered by Microgaming, Bet365 Casino still offers an experience that is undoubtedly modern in nearly every way. The graphics for the available games look sleek and sophisticated. None of the software on the site requires a lightning-fast computer processor or an unreasonable amount of RAM, which means that even users with older hardware will still have the fluid and fun experience that they both expect and deserve.

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Bet365 Casino Review

Money Matters with Bet365 Casino

When managing your account with Bet365 Casino it is good to know all of the different options which are available to you. Furthermore, as a UK citizen, it is also handy to know that one the many supported currencies with this casino is none other than the Great British Pound Sterling. When making deposits or withdrawals from your account, there are a number of different methods available to do so. Most of the main eWallet, Credit and Debit card financial houses are supported as a form of payment and withdrawal. Finally it is good to know that this is one of the very rare online casinos who does not have any withdrawal limits! So you can automatically claim whatever you earn with the casino immediately.

Customer Service/Support at Bet365 Casino

One area where many online gaming sites tend to falter has to do with the available customer service and support options. Even die-hard gaming fans will eventually need to contact support for whatever reason. Many online gaming sites make it difficult or downright impossible to get the help you want when you need it the most, but not Bet365 Casino. You can easily contact support staff via telephone 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the UK number 08000 288 365 or 0800 7810 365. You can also send an email with a breakdown of your issue or engage in a live chat option, which is always available. The site even maintains a helpful “Frequently Asked Questions” section, which breaks down many common issues that gamers experience, allowing you to often get help for whatever problem you’re having without ever picking up the phone at all.

Overall Rating of Bet365 Casino

casino-rating-4Bet365 Casino truly excels in a wide variety of different areas that make it one of the premier online gaming destinations for residents in the United Kingdom (England, Ireland and Scotland). The only area that the site suffers a bit is in terms of game selection. Though the total number of available games is definitely eclipsed by other gaming sites, Bet365 Casino still has a wide variety of hugely fun titles that create a wonderful online gaming environment. As the number of available games increases, the site will definitely become one that all other online gaming sites are compared to in due time. Bet365 Casino gets a 4 out of 5 rating and comes recommended to fans of online gaming everywhere.