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The Future of Online Gaming in the UK

A recent gambling bill is making waves throughout the United Kingdom’s online casino industry. This bill is the culmination of the UK government’s attempts to close tax loopholes for all online gaming and wagering organizations that accept bets from UK players. For years, the government has levied a tax on the gross profits of any […]

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When Will British Gamers Get to Play Online Poker With Americans Again?

British gamers who played online poker prior to 2011 likely have fond memories of sitting at a virtual table with one or more Americans. The American penchant for reckless gambling combined with an excess of disposable income and confidence made them a welcome (and profitable) presence at the tables. Unfortunately, with the crackdown of the […]

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UK Named the Top Gambling Nation in Europe

The European Casino Association (ECA) recently released its first ECA European Casino Industry Report. This authoritative report provides a complete overview of the entire European casino industry. Acquiring information from all of its member states, the report looks at trends in the casino industry, and which countries performed particularly well during the surveyed period. The […]

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Gambling Revenue Continues to Grow Despite Economic Downturn

In the existing economic conditions that most of the world is experiencing, many of even the most established industries are feeling the pinch, particularly those that are reliant on consumer spending. However, whereas many areas of retail, particularly those that could be considered luxuries, struggle in a recession, the gambling industry continues unabated, and even […]

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Casinos Need To Clamp Down on Money Laundering

The movie ‘Casino’, featuring Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, depicts a massive money laundering operation at one of the most prominent casinos in Las Vegas. But while this made an entertaining concept for a film, in real life money laundering is a serious problem for casinos all over the world. Casinos are still seen […]

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