Social Gaming – the Future of UK Gambling?

British citizens who enjoy online gaming have consistently been better off than their counterparts in other countries (particularly the United States). Most forms of online gaming are available through legally operated, corporate domestic entities. Not only that, but tax laws are significantly more accommodating to British gamblers than to those in most other parts of the world. These factors have led to the UK being the home of a great deal of innovation in the online gaming industry. Perhaps the most interesting and innovative direction in the online gaming world is the addition of social elements to online gaming — specifically, mobile gaming.

Mobile Social Gaming

Which gaming operators are getting involved in mobile social gaming?

Social gaming is a relatively new concept in the gambling world that combines the excitement of gambling with the fun of competing with friends for high scores. It takes the success of social gaming on platforms like Facebook and integrates it into innovative opportunities to win money. The well-known and highly respected gaming company William Hill has already started offering social gaming through its subsidiary Sky Betting and Gambling. In addition, the international gaming conglomerate Caesars Interactive Entertainment recently acquired Pacific Interactive for between $60 million and $90 million. Pacific Interactive is the owner of the popular social gaming application “House of Fun Slots.” Industry experts believe Caesars Interactive Entertainment plans on expanding aggressively into the mobile social gaming market, as this is already the fourth social gaming company it has acquired.


How excited for mobile social gaming are British gamers?

The vast popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram show that there is a strong and long-term desire for mobile programs that allow users to interact with one another. For gamers, combining those social elements with their love for gambling is simply a natural and welcome extension.

While the significant investments made by Caesars Interactive Entertainment and William Hill certainly indicate that the industry leaders believe that there is a market for social mobile gaming, the gaming company Gamzio is proving the concept with its own recent release.

After a short trial run of its mobile game entitled “Casino Island Adventure,” Gamzio’s CEO announced that the company had already received more than $250,000 in wagers, and reports from customers were overwhelmingly positive.

Will mobile social gaming really take off in the UK? It certainly looks that way!

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