Golden Horseshoe Casino London Review

Situated in the pristine surroundings of Kensington in North West London, the Golden Horseshoe Casino belongs to the prestigious Grosvenor Casino chain and is widely regarded to be one of their premier land based establishments in the United Kingdom. Located immediately next door to the Bayswater Underground station on Queensway, the Golden Horseshoe Casino is very easily accessible from all areas of central London and further afield – and with Hyde Park just a five minute walk to the south it is very little surprise at all that this Casino sees a lot of trade from those passing through the area as well as its many regulars.

An image of the Golden Horshoe Casino Entrance

Given the stellar reputation London has for being one of the premier gambling destinations world-over, its central boroughs in particular have the weight of this reputation on their shoulders. Kensington & Chelsea is an area, for those who are unaware, renowned for its upmarket vibe. The chosen home of most of the capitals rich and famous for decades, if not centuries now; let’s just say that the expected standard of any Casino in the area is pretty high.

Serving many of Kensington & Chelsea’s 160,000 residents, as well as a host of other patrons both regular and rare, the Golden Horseshoe Casino is one of London’s very biggest – home to a giant games floor, a late bar, air lounge and one of the areas most celebrated chargrill restaurants!

An image of the Horseshoe Casino Restaurant

Games at Golden Horseshoe Casino

Let’s put any thoughts of a delicious chargrill dinner behind us momentarily and concentrate on the real meat and vegetables of any Casino worth its salt – the games on offer.

Grosvenor Casinos have a real reputation as a group who manage to pander to each and every one of the needs and wants of their vast clientele; and perhaps this is reason why the chain has managed to grow into one of the United Kingdom’s most successful. This particular establishment offers a whole host of slots machines new and old school, Craps, Chemin de Fer, Baccarat, Progressive Stud Poker (1 table with a bet range of £5 to £500), Roulette, Blackjack (12 tables with a bet range of £5 to £1000), Casino Stud Poker (4 tables with a range of £5 to £1000), Punto Banco (1 table with a bet range of £5 to £5000) and American Roulette (12 tables with a betting range of £1 to £500). I’d say that list is certainly indicative of the places sheer size and certainly its ability to provide a suitable environment for a vast scope of players.

An image of the slot machines at Golden Horseshoe Casino

Atmosphere in Golden Horseshoe Casino

The Golden Horseshoe Casino may be part of the Grosvenor chain; however it stands apart when it comes to décor and atmosphere. Perhaps it is to do with its flagship status, or maybe it’s a little more to do with its location within the inside pocket of the most sophisticated gambling destination in the world – either way it’s one classy joint.

The dress code is smart casual, though most of the punters you’ll find in here are suited and booted, maybe that speaks more for central London than it does the house itself though….

Summary of Golden Horseshoe Casino

To encapsulate the general aura of the Golden Horseshoe Casino Grosvenor, one must try to distance themselves from the scenes which tend to unfold in their local Grosvenor on Friday and Saturday nights. While there is undoubtedly more of a raucous and wild feel about the place than other of the capitals top picks – this is generally a good thing. After all, gambling is one of the last true abandons of a foregone age. We should realise and celebrate this a little more often as opposed to stifling its ability to provide a real and worthwhile outlet.