Maxims Casino Club London Review

Set within the charming and very fitting surroundings of a 19th century period building in Central London, Maxims Casino Club provides enough in the way of allure and character for most individuals on this feature alone.


As a city with arguably the most prestigious and indeed exclusive land based Casinos in the world, London hosts a very different kind of experience to that provided by the likes of Macau and Las Vegas. Straying away from hosting huge chain brands or franchises wherever possible, London has become a premier destination over the last century or so for the gambler who likes to keep things on the down low – whether high roller or part time enthusiast.

Found at 1A Palace Gate in the prestigiously upmarket borough of Kensington in London’s northwest, Maxims Casino Club is largely considered to be the most frequented establishment of its kind in London and is a favourite of purveyors of all games. Open each day from 2pm until 4am, the Casinos main gaming floor is not a sparse and characterless cavern as is the case in most mainland UK Casinos, but an altogether more intimate and unique affair – with various tables spread through the buildings various rooms as opposed to being crammed into one large floor.


Games at Maxims Casino Club

At Maxims there are a total of 26 table games available to patrons. With roulette, craps, blackjack and few extra specialist game incarnations, all of the classic bases are covered with exceptional detail and accuracy. The 8 American-style roulette tables cater to bets ranging between £1 and £1,500, whilst the 9 blackjack tables offer space for players looking to bet anywhere between £10 and £10,000.

An entire 9 tables are offered up throughout the establishment for stud poker with a range of £10 to £2,500. Furthermore, Chemin de Fer, Craps, European Roulette and Baccarat are all also available. Notably absent however is the array of slots machines we’ve all become accustomed to in our favourite land based Casinos. While the absence of slots games may be a negative for some, given their extreme popularity of late, it does certainly contribute towards the more old school feel of the place as a whole.

Atmosphere in Maxims Casino Club

Upon entering Maxims Casino Club it immediately becomes clear what kind of atmosphere the owners have set about trying to create. Playing to the spaces strengths as an intimate and chambered building, a lot of work has been done to ensure that a note of elegance and indeed privacy exists in every square inch of the place.

Despite the fact that the house runs much like any other as far as memberships are concerned, newcomers or one-off visitors aren’t visibly excluded in any sense – given that all of the rooms are so small, the games so low key and the table service staff so on the ball.

The traditional European red wood walls and ambient low lighting add further yet to the illusion that a step inside of Maxims really is a step back to the heyday of table gaming. The days before the bright lights and intrusive sounds of the modern slots phenomenon took over everything and when patrons were well dressed and ultimately very classy in their pursuit of the big pots. In this observers opinion there really is no better place to partake in this fantasy in London.



To round things off, the only truly negative thing to report about Maxims Casino Club is the likelihood of having to do a bit of waiting to get a sit at your desired table during peak hours. This is hardly something that can be helped given the size and popularity of the place, though is worth taking on board regardless!