The Clermont Club Casino London Review

The Clermont Club Casino in London’s notoriously upmarket Mayfair area is most certainly one for the traditionalists among us. For starters, it’s a private members club – meaning that anyone can apply to join, though should not assume immediate membership as is the case in many modern establishments. This place is old-school remember, all members have a say in who gets to join this age-old club.

Many people will undoubtedly dispute this opinion, but I’m of the belief that certain different sects still exist within modern gambling. Though I won’t go so far as to identify the chief ones, through risk of gunning this article in an altogether very different direction you understand, let us for now acknowledge only two; namely modernist and traditionalist.

An image of The Clermont Club Casino Entrance

Modernist gamblers are all about embracing the new and the state of the art. This is not to say that they revoke the importance of older games and deny that they still hold a place within the industry, only that they remain open minded when it comes to the likes of live dealer formats and multi-reel machines blinking and bleeping the caverns of their local hall while they set their mind to their next move at the stud table.

Traditionalists on the other hand see superiority in the methods and principles of the proverbial gambling yesteryear. Perhaps superiority isn’t the right word, but whatever the right word is – they prefer to keep things old school. Dimly lit rooms, tie and jacket dress codes, anonymous midnight liaisons, you know the score. OK, so maybe I got carried away with that last example…

Games at the Clermont Club Casino

The gaming experience offered up by the Clermont Club Casino  is nothing short of absolutely spectacular. Restricted of course to more traditional formats, there is no blinking and bleeping to found here – thank you very much!

Particular emphasis is placed throughout the clubs chambers on classics such as Blackjack, Roulette, Punto Banco and Three Card Poker. With a very limited sized floor, table seat availability is something which may be temporarily sacrificed during peak hours – though rest assured this plight will never go ignored by any of the establishments highly trained staff.

Tournaments are not at all uncommon at the Clermont Club Casino, with the houses membership only format making for some of the best organised and engrossing competitions covering imaginable!

An image of The Clermont Club Casino Table Games

Atmosphere in the Clermont Club Casino

You would think that there would be little else to say on the subject of the Clermont Club’s atmosphere; after all we all have that mental image of the sleek London members only gambling club don’t we?

For the benefit of those who are lacking this particular image, let me re-dip my brush and continue. The inner halls and high ceilinged rooms of this Georgian period Mayfair building are as elegant as they are emphatically impressive. The number of rooms which fill the building provide a tangible and exclusive area for each of the carefully selected games that are played within it. The bar area is one which will bring any amount of stress to its knees and has been designed with the relaxation of the clubs patrons fully in mind. Elegant yet more subdued than you would expect, the service is fully personal and absolutely top notch – making it very apt indeed.

An image of the inside of The Clermont Club Casino

Summary of the Clermont Club Casino

The Clermont Club Casino
is everything a private members club should be and absolutely no more, in my opinion. Many establishments in the United Kingdom and beyond which have adopted a similar model and approach completely overdo things, though the Clermont genuinely seems to have struck the perfect balance between exclusive and modest. Just how they’ve done this is something which may only be understood by those who’ve visited, so if you’re local to it, head on down and submit your application sooner rather than later.