The Palm Beach Casino London Review

The Palm Beach Casino
in Central London may sound like a gambling destination covered wall to wall in headache-inducing bright designs and mock tropical flora, though you’d be mistaken for thinking that it was in any way a themed establishment. Situated just short of Berkeley Square in Mayfair (near the Green Park tube station), the Palm Beach used to be known as a rather exclusive and even somewhat pretentious gambling location – favoured by the upper class high rollers of the capital. Nowadays however, it’s making a mark as an establishment which welcomes all with open arms and some of the West Ends very best facilities!

An image of the Palm Beach Casino From the Outside

Generally, there is a whole host of mixed feelings within the modern gambling community towards themed establishments. On the one hand, some individuals feel as though a concept, if pushed too far at least or used as a chief selling point, can cause an unnecessary distraction for gamers. On the other hand, some wholly relish in the idea of a bit of healthy escapism as a side order with their gaming.

Owned and operated by industry giants Genting, it’s very little surprise that the Palm Beach Casino has a reputation as one of London’s very best. Upmarket yet relaxed in terms of permitted clientele, the house makes for the perfect place to wager for that huge sect of modern gamers who enjoy a more traditional setting without the pot-pourri that used to go along with it.

An image of the Palm Beach Casino Entrance

Games at The Palm Beach Casino

I’ve seen my fair share of gaming floors in the United Kingdom and elsewhere; though I must say the one found at The Palm Beach Casino in Mayfair drew the air from my lungs and left me gasping for a perfectly mixed mojito.

The layout and general design of the gaming area could only ever be described as being classic, not to mention filled to the utter brim with classic and emerging games. There’s a whole host of American Roulette tables, Blackjack tables, Baccarat tables and as many poker variants as the mortal mind can possibly manage to process in any one visit.

On top of the more traditional games found here, there is also a great deal of choice to be found in terms of modern electronic offerings. Hardly one to skip on the trends of the modern day, they have made sure that all of the latest video Roulette machines are available to patrons of the Palm Beach at all different wager scales.

An image of the Palm Beach Casino Gaming Floor

Atmosphere in The Palm Beach Casino

I’ve already briefly touched on the issue of décor and interior appearance, though to leave my description of the impeccable Palm Beach Casino at ‘classic’ would be a crime of the highest order. Truth be told, the Middle Eastern theme of the place (confusing I know in lieu of the name…) compliments perfectly the sophisticated air found in each of its magnificent though short of decadent rooms and lobbies. With a fully comprehensive gaming floor available alongside some of the UK capitals very best Asian fusion cuisine – and not even to mentioned the high quality bars scattered throughout, the Palm Beach Casino is more of an inclusive experience than a gaming house.

An image of the Palm Beach Casino Table Game

Summary of The Palm Beach Casino

Any Casino wishing to do business in Central London must make sure that it is stepping up to the mark and providing something truly unique, or at least remarkable, to its clientèle. The Palm Beach in Mayfair offers both individuality and credibility both to its patrons and to its owners, managers and staff. By providing one of the most carefree yet sophisticated gaming environments any gambler could hope for, the house has ensured its place will remain safe within the ever-changing landscape of London Casinos for years to come.