The Batman VS Superman Fever

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice has been a long awaited and much anticipated movie. The question of who the better superhero is has been on people’s minds for years. News of the launch of the Batman vs Superman movie caused much excitement and further discussions about two of the greatest superheroes in history. In the movie, Batman tracks down Superman with the belief that his power needs to be checked. As the two Superheroes confront each other they there is a greater threat looming. The movie is expected to hit movie cinemas between the 23rd and 25th of March.

Superhero Based Slots

Slot lovers who enjoy superhero based games will definitely be on the lookout for this movie and games based on the movie in future. Superhero games such as The Dark Knight Rises, Daredevil and Iron Man are part of a long list of superhero based games. Players enjoy these games because they can relate to theme. These games also make for good graphics and game play.

Image of batman-v-superman

Batman VS Superman receives bad review

Although this movie has received some bad reviews, Batman and Superman fanatics are still as eager as ever to see the superheroes battle it out. Viewers want to know who the better superhero is. Are you team Batman or  team Superman?

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