Is this BetOnline blackjack dealer cheating?

A video has emerged which appears to show a BetOnline blackjack dealer cheating.

On Saturday 18th February, blackjack professional Michael Morgenstern posted a video on YouTube which seems to show a BetOnline blackjack dealer dealing the second card in a shoe to a player, only to then deal what should have been the player’s card to himself. As a result of this alleged behaviour, the players loses the hand.

BetOnline croupier controversy.


Bettors question BetOnline croupier’s behaviour

While viewing the video, it’s noticeable that the dealer nudges the top card up with one finger, while sliding the card below out of the show and adding it to the player’s hand.

As a result of this apparent switch, the dealer receives the 8-card that the player should have received, while the player gets the 6 that should have gone to the dealer.

Naturally, there are those who have seen the video and have witnessed nothing but clumsiness on the dealer’s behalf. There are those, however, who believe that the croupier was responding to a secret video feed that clued him in to information about the next card to come out of the shoe.

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Gambling world still waiting on company response

BetOnline has yet to respond to the video. Michael Morgenstern contacted BetOnline customer support to make them aware of the matter but has yet to hear back from the company.

Costa Rica’s Global Gaming Labs hosts live blackjack, baccarat and roulette for BetOnline. Like the US firm, GGL has still to respond to the public outcry.