Fact or Fiction: Gambling Myths Debunked

For all gamblers out there, avid and novice alike, there are many gambling myths which circulate the circles and promise players strategies to win. People will find tips on all casino games available promising extravagant vantages against the house. We at Casino UK have decided to now debunk a few of these speculations and separate the fact and fiction to actually give our readers a winning chance at casino survival. Read on for a crash course on gambling systems 101!

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Gambling Myth 1: Playing More Than One Slot at a Time Will See Me Win Big

Often at land based casinos you will see a singular player running more than one slot at a time. Whilst this may increase your chance of winning, you need to remember that you are now spending twice, thrice or maybe even five times the amount you would be spending if you were playing just one machine.

Gambling Myth 2: If the Same Number Combination Keeps Showing Up in Craps, That’s the One I Should Stick to

This is one of the most popular gambling systems which people follow. The reasoning behind it is understandable; if a pair of numbers continuously shows in a game of craps, it feels safer to keep betting on it. Problem is, you cannot guarantee how long this number set will continue to land. Unless the die are loaded in your favour, its best to accept that Craps is one of the biggest games of chance there is.

Gambling Myth 3: Betting on the Dealer Brings Bad Luck

Many players carry the superstition that betting against another player will bring bad luck to the table. This is one of the biggest hokum gambling myths which I have heard to date. Supporting the dealer by betting in their favour against another player will not ruin your chances, unless you wanted to become friends with the person against whom you just bet.

Gambling Myth 4: Doubling Your Bet After a Losing Wager Will Bear a Big Win

This is one of the oldest gambling strategies out there. It is based on the premise of the Martingale betting system. If for example you wager ten quid on a game and win that round, you will then bet £10 again in the next round. Should you lose the next round however, you will then bet £20 on the following hand and continue to double your wagering amount until you win. Whilst you will more than likely eventually win at some point, this is an incredibly dangerous strategy to follow as copious amounts of money can be lost.

Gambling Myth 5: Card Counting Systems Do Not Work When Playing Blackjack

This myth is truly and honestly utter nonsense. Certain casinos will prevent card counting players and in certain cases even ban them from playing at times due to the fact that they have the ability to card count. There are counting systems allowing you to do a mathematical analysis on a game of blackjack giving you a certain edge against the house. So in short, yes, they can work and if they don’t, you were probably just bad at maths in school.

Gambling Myths in a Nut Shell

In conclusion many of the gambling systems offered by fellow players are merely nothing more than superstitions. You are never guaranteed anything when playing a casino game. Even the most veteran of poker players could be dealt a rubbish hand at some point, at which it will come down to his skill of lying to outplay the rest of the table. There is no ‘easy way to win’ so rather, know your rules, set your limits and go forth to have fun!

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