Say G’Day to This Spectacular Casino Promotion

G’day Casino has officially launched their exclusive casino promotion entitling you to a match bonus which is truly one of a kind! If you are all about free gifts, then this promotion will really appeal to you as they have just recently launched their latest offering of free spins upon your first deposit. Do not worry, you will still be entitled to receive the regular 100% unlimited first deposit as well as a free case of beers when depositing over £100, but now the deal has grown that much sweeter with regards to the spins you will now be awarded.

G'Day Casino Free Spins Promotion

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What sets this free spins promotion apart from the rest

There are a number of certain things which set this promotion apart from usual ‘free spins’ bonuses. First and foremost – and probably the most noticeable of all – is the fact that as a player, your winnings will not be capped on your free spins once you have deposited. Another definite perk is the fact that you will be able to use your free spins on any one, or combination of the NetEnt Slot Games. Another major benefit offered to all is the lure of the fact that these spins will never expire. You can use them when you choose to do so giving you the freedom to play at your own pace.

How to participate in this G’Day Casino promotion

All you need to do to partake in this amazing offer is basically make your first deposit after becoming a member. Upon doing so, you will receive a 50% free spin match. You will be able to get a grand total of 200 free spins ultimately meaning that when you deposit £400 or higher you will receive an amazing 200 free spins on top of that! This as a whole could really set you up nicely to begin your online journey with G’Day Casino. Therefore be sure to not miss out on this amazing offer and get started with G’day Casino today!

An image of the Claim Online Casino Bonus button

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