Guts Casino offers you the chance to win big this summer!

Guts Casino should be marked as a prime destination for gamblers looking for increased odds of winning big this summer. The ‘Summer Golf Challenge’ Guts Casino’s new promotion started on the 16th of July and it will end on the 2nd of August; during this period, gamblers will earn tickets for each daily task (which are 18 in total for the duration of the promotion). This brings a whole new meaning to golf betting so read on to discover more!

Guts Casino

Gamblers who have earned tickets will be entered into a draw scheduled to take place on the 4th of August and the following are the prizes they may be lucky enough to win:

  • 1st Prize: $/€5,000 Golf vacation in California (£3500 / 50,000kr)
  • 2nd Prize: $/€2,500 Golf vacation in Europe (£1800 / 25,000kr)
  • 3rd Prize: $/€1,500 Cruise voucher (£1000 / 15,000kr)
  • 4th Prize: $/€500 Travel voucher (£350 / 5,000kr)
  • 5th – 20th Prize: $/€100 cash prize (£70 / 1000kr)

As part of Guts Casino’s clearly evident efforts to improve the quality of the gaming experience it provides to players, they have also made another important move; moving from a 3rd party server to their own fully managed operating platform. This is an important development because it is expected to better their platform by making it more fluid and diverse. Guts Casino has made its intentions vividly clear; they want to make gambling a fun and rewarding experience for you, all you have to do take advantage of their ridiculous offers; that cannot be too much to ask can it?

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