Ladbrokes Launches New Frankie Dettori TV Advert

Ladbrokes Casino announced that legendary jockey, Frankie Dettori, would be the brand’s new ambassador. It was also rumoured that Dettori had already started shooting a television advert for Ladbrokes. The brand brought Dettori on board in an attempt to make itself more competitive and recognised. A representative from Ladbrokes expressed that Dettori’s passion for sport and his personality was a perfect fit for Ladbrokes.

Image of Frankie Dettori advert

Ladbrokes Television Campaign Hits The Screens

It appears that it was no rumour that Dettori had already starting filming the Ladbrokes television campaign. Over the weekend two television adverts featuring the famous Jockey hit television screens. The adverts are light hearted and funny, they display the fit between Ladbrokes and Dettori. These adverts focus on the sports betting aspect of Ladbrokes and people will be delighted to see the adverts as they will have a better understanding of the Labdrokes brand as well as Dettori’s personality as the brand ambassador.

Ladbrokes Taking Online Gaming to New Heights

It is clear that Ladbrokes aims to be a step above all its competitors in the online gaming world. This was evident when they decided to take on a legend such as Dettori as their brand ambassador. To take things to the next level they decided to have television adverts that will reach the masses and build more brand awareness. By doing so Ladbrokes has demonstrated that the online gaming industry is a profitable and lucrative business that needs to be treated as such.

Television adverts are becoming a new form of advertising for online gaming service providers. Casumo is also one of the many online casinos that have begun using television adverts in order to advertise their brand and services. This shows that online gaming has become a recognised and a lucrative business.

You can watch the Ladbrokes adverts (here)

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  1. Michael DB 5th November 2016 at 9:58 am #

    As a longtime punter, I love and respect Frankie Dettori, BUT… there is something not quite right, about a jockey of his stature, still directly involved in riding horses – which Ladbrokes take bets on – working for a bookmaker.

    I’m shocked that racing authorities are allowing this conflict of interest role of Frankie Dettori, to take place!

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