PokerStars starts testing new game

PokerStars has announced that it’s currently testing a new poker game.

News that PokerStars Power Up was undergoing testing was broken via a company blog post. According to the post, the title is based on No Limit Hold ‘Em. However, the addition of various power cards allows player to influence hands and alter gameplay.

Said power cards include ‘Clone’ which gives the player a copy of the last power card in the hand. ‘X-Ray’, meanwhile, forces all players to show one hole card, while ‘Engineer’ frees the player to select the deck’s next card from three options.

PokerStars logo.

PokerStars’ Rasset outlines Power Up’s status

As PokerStars’ director of poker innovation and operations, Severin Rasset was happy to discuss Power Up’s current status.

“Power Up is currently in closed Alpha, meaning that we still have a lot of adjustments to make and many more features to add.

“For these reasons, it’s only available to a limited number of people and real money games are still a long way off.

“We’ll periodically expand the pool of players, while tweaking and adding features, while constantly taking feedback from the participants.”

PokerStars Power Up homepage.

Amaya has raft of projects in the offing

Not that Power Up is the only project the Amaya-owned company is forging ahead with. As Severin Rasset explains, “More projects are in development with one common objective – to bring sustainable growth to PokerStars through exciting new products that people will discover and re-engage with.

“And this will mean that more people will continue to enjoy the great game of poker.”