Sportsbet renews deal with NRL

Sportsbet, which is owned by Paddy Power Betfair, recently announced that it has renewed its wagering agreement with the National Rugby League (NRL) of Australia. It was in competition with CrownBet to take the lucrative deal, but in the end, it was Sportsbet which emerged victorious.

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Sportsbet spends big money

The new wagering agreement is estimated to be valued at around £40 million and will allow Sportsbet to run its adverts across all NRL broadcasts partners, which include the Nine Network, Fox Sports and several radio stations. The new wagering agreement will last until the year 2020.

More to Sportsbet’s Deal

Sportsbet had to fight off CrownBet in order to secure the new wagering deal. It had already been the main partner with the NRL, but that never guaranteed it would win out again. In order to secure the deal, Sportsbet has had to agree to several other conditions, including aiding the NRL to continue developing its digital platforms.

On top of this, the NRL’s head of commercial, Mr. Andrew Abdo, said that the new deal also included a range of restrictions when it comes to advertising and marketing the wagering services, as well as new protocols to ensure data privacy.

The company has also committed to implementing and funding a new program to make people aware of the dangers of gambling. Sportsbet and the NRL will also focus on direct marketing, utilising data analytics and insights to more effectively market the services.

Sportsbet and Australia’s New Rules

This new deal comes just a few weeks after Australia introduced a new advertising code that pertains to sports betting adverts. The new self-regulatory code was created by the Australian Association of National Advertisers and it aims to restrict the amount of wagering adverts that minors will see.

The new advertising code has been attacked by some for not having strict enough guidelines and that some operators might not comply with the new rules.

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