The Rhythm City Casino Sold

The Rhythm City Casino has been sold for an undisclosed amount to an anonymous group of buyers residing outside of Memphis, USA. The Rhythm City Casino manager, Mo Hyder, mentioned this as of Monday this week. The Rhythm City Casino has been operating on the Davenport riverfront for almost 15 years in their one of a kind steam boat venue. When the casino leaves next year, the boat shall also make its first departure of fifteen years as it is now on the market as well.

New Rhythm City Casino

The new land-based Rhythm City Casino to open in May 2016

The new land-based casino is set to open next year May at interstates 74 and 80. Rhythm City Casino, which was known as Treble Clef replaced The President in 2011 before it was changed from a tour boat to a gambling boat. The President was the first gambling boat to anchor in the Davenport riverfront.

It cost Rhythm City $23 million to renovate the casino in Davenport, although the boat is known as Rhythm City, it is still registered as Treble Clef, Hyder added.

On Monday, the “Riverboat Development Authority” was updated on the progress of the new casino. “The project is progressing well and is on schedule” Hyder says. They have hired 200 contractors who are working enthusiastically to get the building closed between Thanksgiving and Christmas so work can continue inside, he added.

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