Play Elementals Online Slot

Elementals Online Slot is an action-packed superhero-themed game in the vein of the Fantastic Four and The Incredibles, and has been brought to your screen for a fun-filled, roller-coaster ride of online casino gaming action and adventure, filled with Wilds, Scatters and Free Spins!  Earth, Fire, Wind, Water –four mutated superheroes endowed with the power of the Elements has risen up to strike out against the forces of evil with the help of their mutant powers!


Elementals Online Slot Theme and Fetaures

Elementals Online Slot is a game of truly heroic proportions, consisting of 5 reels, 20 paylines and a maximum bet of 10 coins per line. Each coins bears a value size range of from $0.01 to $0.50, meaning that the maximum bet comes to $5.00 per line.

Equally superhuman is the maximum jackpot prize on offer, coming to a total of 100,000 coins or $50,000.00 in cash when including Free Spins wins.  The Wild symbol represents each of the four powers of the Elementals –in other words, the four elements –and substitutes for any other symbol on the reels barring the Scatter and the Free Spins symbols.

Each payline win the Wild helps you achieve by substituting to complete a winning combination on the activated payline scores you double the winnings. Five Wild symbols appearing together across an activated payline wins you a massive 5 000 coins!  The Scatter symbol is represented by the Orb of Elemental Power, a mystical ball of energy from which the Elementals draw their strength. The Scatter pays out any across the reels and Scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet wagered and are added to the player’s total payline wins. The most powerful element of this game is the Free Spins symbol, represented by the electrifying Elementals Online Slot logo.

When this symbol is scattered onto reels 1 and 5 on the slot, it activates an amazing 20 Free Spins features during which all wins scored are doubled. The Free Spins can be re-activated during the current feature, meaning that you receive numerous chances of not only scoring some titanic wins, but doubling them too. This game also features a Gamble option, whereby you get the chance to double or quadruple your wins by selecting the correct card color or suit respectively.

Overview of Elementals Online Slot

Meet the incredible Elementals team:  Blaze has the power of Fire, a simple snap of his fingers or angry glare in the eye can set this hotly-tempered superhero’s enemies on fire; the formidable Splashwave has the power of water – she washes away evil and injustice in torrential waves and floods; ephemerous and mysterious Windwalker uses her powers of the air to fly on the winds and conjure up the storms; and finally, Boulder-Dash harnesses the power of the Earth –his body is made completely out of rock and stone, and he crushes his enemies using the sheer strength of his boulderous fist!

They have been called by many names –super-men, mutants, freaks, heroes, avengers. They are the Elementals –cosmically-powered defenders of the Earth, and they have come to help you win the ultimate video slots jackpot prize with Elementals Online Slot!