Play Enchanted Woods Online Slot

Simply let go of your daily inhibitions and join the pixie folk in their midnight celebrations! And who knows, you may even discover a trove of enchanted cash winnings amidst the merry fray with Enchanted Woods Online Slot!

Enchanted Woods

Enchanted Woods Online Slot Theme and Features

The faerie-folk of the forest creep gently out from their woodland boroughs to celebrate the moonlit night and spread their magical faerie-dust amongst the moss and toadstools of the forest floor. These enchanted little beings of winged light have long been revealed in ancient lore as ethereal spirits of earth, air, water and fire. They spread love, light, happiness and good fortune where-so-ever their ephemeral little wings may flutter.

Whether the Celts call them Sidhe, or the English call them fairies, fays, pixies, elves or changelings, these friendly little creatures of the Seelie Court have arisen from the fairy mounds of Arthurian Legend,  Celtic folklore and the tingling bells of a baby’s first laughter to bless you with the fortunes of the forest on Enchanted Woods Online Slot!

Fairies, sprites and even toadstool gnomes gather onto your screen in a celebration of fairy magic, and offer you equally magical winnings on the slots. Whether sitting on a toadstool, flittering between the thorn and rowan trees, and dancing ‘round the gurgling brook, these enchanted little creatures appear on your screen as five different reel symbols across the single win line in Enchanted Woods Online Slot.

With the enchantment of forest fairy power, you are presented with two magical spins in one by these gentle fairy folk. First, you can spin the reels in order to land a winning combination of matching symbols across the win line.

Once you have achieved a winning symbol combination, you can choose to hold any of the five reels and re-spin the reels in order to win even more cash prizes.

Enchanted Woods Online Slot Overview

With Enchanted Woods Online Slot, match five little toadstool-dwelling brownies across the win-line and win five times the value of your staked wager in bonus jackpot cash prizes, which are awarded in addition to the wins accumulated in the Base Game. The maximum coin bet allowed in the game is fixed at one coin, but you can choose the credit value of your coin to range from as little as 0.10 all the way to 100.00.

Fairies are known for their light-hearted trickery and harmless pranks, and often confuse lone travellers in the depths of the forest, making them lose their way along the woodland paths.  But don’t be afraid if you get lost when walking through the darkened woods at night, and find yourself crossing over from our world to the Unseen World of the fairies.