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Forsaken Kingdom Online Slot is the latest game to launch on Flash only, but promises you a gaming experience unlike any other. An epic journey awaits any player bold enough to spin the Reels in this Hollywoodesque Video Pokie based on the Arthurian legend that has captured the hearts and heads of adventurers for centuries.

Forsaken Kingdom Online Slot Theme and Features

Enter a dark and foreboding medieval world on Forsaken Kingdom Online Slot, as King Arthur, when you play this 5-Reel, 25-Payline Slot with coffers of special features to help you along your treacherous journey. Cinematic graphics and premium production make it feel as though if have stepped into a movie as you gather the Knights of the Round Table, unleash the power that is the Sword Excalibur and fight to defeat the dark powers and save the ones you love.

forsaken kingdom slot game

Along your heroic mission in Forsaken Kingdom Online Slot you’ll be equipped with an arsenal of weapons to survive the hostile environment. There are Free Spins, along with the romantic Eternal Love feature and the beautiful Guinevere Stacked Wild feature and the Epic Battle Bonus. Claiming the Excalibur Win symbol will provide even greater glory and higher winnings.

The shining jewel in the crown of Forsaken Kingdom Online Slot is the Round Table of Fortune feature. This is the heart of the game and the goal is to gather all twelve knights to the Round Table. As you play the Pokie, you collect the rare shields and every time you collect a new one another knight takes his seat at the table. The feature unlocks and your fortune grows when the final knight has taken his seat.

Forsaken Kingdom Online Slot Overview

This is blockbuster entertainment that gets a full score is perfectly suited to experienced players looking for something different to the usual set of Pokies on offer. Forsaken Kingdom Slots will transport you to a world you never thought possible and give you riches beyond your wildest dreams.

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ThemeDark medieval setting based on Arthurian Legend
Player DemographicAll
Player level: Beginner/Experienced/ExpertExperienced
Coins per Payline1
Max Coins20
Wild SymbolYes
Free Spin Trigger SymbolYes
Multiplier SymbolNo
Scatter SymbolYes
FeatureFree Spins
Bonus Game combined with collect feature
Neighbor Wins