Play Genie’s Gems Online Slot

Take a wild and wonderful magic carpet ride on Genie’s Gems Online Slot, and spin the reels for an entrancing maximum jackpot win worth its weight in gold and the most splendid of gems. This dazzling online casino slots game includes 5 reels, 5 paylines and a 1-coin maximum bet per payline.

Genie's Gems

Genie’s Gems Online Slot Theme and Features

Enter a world of magic and mystery, framed by the sandy night dunes of the Middle East and scented by exotic spices and the nightly-blooming Jasmine flower. Become enchanted by the enthralling tales depicted in the One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, where Aladdin embarked on perilous and intriguing adventures, where Princess Scheherazade seduced the noblest of men with a gleam of her obsidian-ink eyes and a magical Genie appeared from an ancient lamp to grant three wishes to the lucky adventurer who came to possess it.

With Genie’s Gems Online Slot, the coin size value ranges from 0.25 to 5.00 credits, making the total maximum bet add up to 25.00 credits. Rub the magical Genie’s lamp and perhaps he will grant your deepest wish and appear on all 5 spots across the payline, winning you an enchanting maximum jackpot prize of 10,000 coins.

Genie’s Gems Online Slot Overview

Experience riches beyond your wildest dreams, you’ll feel like a true Sultan of Agrabba as you languish amongst your satin cushions, being fed only the most delectable of dates by a host of beautiful concubines from your hareem, accompanied by your constant companion, an all powerful Genie with the ability to move mountains from your feet but only ever exercises his immense power in accordance with his master’s wishes.

You won’t need to hunt for an ancient magic lamp to make all your wishes come true –play Genie’s Gems Online Slot and say “Open Sesame” to riches beyond your wildest dreams!