Play Germinator Online Slot

Someone forgot to lock the laboratory door, and all the Germs have escaped into the Grid. It is your job to clean up and de-Germ the lab on Germinator Online Slot.


Germinator Online Slot theme and Features

The only way to get rid of these microscopic monsters is to match 3 or more Germs in a row. This will terminate these organisms and bring you the chance to win rewards for your victories. Wins are paid per germ and multiplied by your bet per line. There are five types of Germs that are running riot in the Grid, and these are the Yellow, Green, Blue, Red and Orange Germs which need to go. As you get rid of the germs that line up in the rows, either vertically or horizontally in the Grid, you will discover that they have been busy multiplying in the interim.

As you terminate some, more will cascade onto the screen, which means that you have more opportunities to annihilate more bugs from the game. Obviously, the more creepy-crawly microbes that you can destroy the more you will win. There are more opportunities for you to gain rewards, though, with the Medi-Bonus.

Germinator Online Slot Bonus

On Germinator Online Slot, if you find 3 or more capsules in view after the game, this will open up the Medi-Bonus. In this Bonus Game, you can divest yourself of an entire strain (row) of Germs. This game is highly contagious and can be considered as a communicable disease. Thus, you need to be fast on your fingers and start destroying the Germs that are taking over the game.

Cure the disease and be rewarded for your game-saving endeavours with Germinator Online Slot.