Play Gladiator Online Slot

Here on the Gladiator Online Slot you will take a step back in time to the age of Roman Imperialism and classical antiquity, where sumptuous, lavish luxury and opulence, culture, education and artistic excellence, meets the iron rule of the God Emperor and the savage blood-sports of warrior slaves. Discover the glory, majesty and power of ancient Rome!  The grandiose monuments, the daunting colosseums, awe-inspiring Pantheons  and the spectacular sculptural depictions of formidable gods and courageous heroes –and of course, there was the Circus Maximus, where bearded, asperous Gladiators drew out their swords and fought to the bloody death for victory, fame, and survival.


Gladiator Online Slot Theme and Features

Just as in the archaic ages of the Empire, Gladiator Online Slot promises to confer on its players the classical formula for online casino entertainment: bread, circuses and a maximum jackpot cash prize! Proffer sacred  internet gambling offerings of triumphal rite at the Temple of Jupiter and  send out your Roman legions to war on this 5-reel, 50 payline online video slots casino game, with each payline having a maximum bet of 10 coins per line, and each Augustan coin bearing a value range of from $0.01 to $0.20. Defeat your enemy and stand triumphant when you win the jackpotus maximus grand prize of 125,000 Imperial Roman coins –the modern equivalent of $25,000.00.

Meet our valiant but rugged and deadly warrior Gladiator, Maximus – a strong yet benevolent general who was viciously wronged by a ruthless and bloodthirsty Emperor, and sentenced to a life of slavery as a Gladiator fighting for his life, his honor and glory at the gravel-lined theatre of the Circus Maximus, where brave warriors battle against other gladiators, condemned criminals and wild animals, where aristocratic sportsmen test their agility in glorious chariot races –and where Maximus fights to win his freedom, as well as the heart of the beautiful Lady Lucretia.

Gladiator Online Slot warrior Maximus acts as this game’s scatter symbol, which substitutes for other symbols on the reels except for the Scatter to complete winning combinations on the paylines. The Imperial Eagle gold coin is the standard currency of the Roman Empire, symbolizing the iron rule of Rome throughout the known world, and as such it appears Scattered across the reels, paying out from any position, multiplying the Scatter wins the number of coins staked and adding the Scatter wins to your existing payline wins.

3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols landing simultaneously on the reels triggers 100 Free Spins. Furthermore, the player receives a Mixed Pay bonus when Warrior Maximus and Lady Lucretia realize their dream and appear together, side by side, on the same payline.

Gladiator Online Slot Overview

He is an armed combatant entertaining the audience of the Roman Empire in violent combat against his fellow gladiators, criminals and vicious wild animals trained to tear a man apart, as his audience are lavished with the magnificent luxury and feasts by which the opulence of classical antiquity is known . Although victory in the fight awards him a brief sense of fame and glory, he is, in fact, condemned to a life of slavery.

Only his love for the enchanting Lady Lucretia can restore him to his rightful place as a brave and prestigious general of Rome, leader of the valiant and hardened Legions of the Empire.  Reunite these two lovers and enjoy your share of the glory on Gladiator Online Slot.