Play Glory of Rome Online Slot

Discover the eternal Glory of Rome with the innovative and cutting-edge Glory of Rome Online Slot, it will inspire and imbue you with all the majesty, grandeur, nobility and utter exaltation enkindled by the presence of the formidable rulers of the Roman Empire –such as Marc Antony, Titus Andronicus, Pompeii, Crassus, and, of course, Julius Caesar –general, dictator and celebrated conqueror of Gaul, who fell prey to the fatal assassination plot by the hands of his fellow politicians on the fateful Ides of March.

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Glory of Rome Online Slot Theme and Features

Glory of Rome Online Slot echoes the grandiose opulence and absolute power of this once-great civilization with a composition of 5 reels, 20 paylines, and a maximum bet of 20 coins per line, with each coin bearing a value size range of $0.01 to $0.50. Spin the reels correctly and you may just be able to get a taste of the power, wealth and lavish luxury characteristic of this era in Western classical antiquity, by winning 200,000 Imperial Roman coins bearing the golden effigy of the Great Ruler –that is a truly Jupiterian jackpotus maximus cash equivalent of $100,000.00!

Storm ahead in rank and file alongside Caesar’s bravest legions, who march proudly along, bearing the Imperial crimson flag and golden eagle; show respect in the face of the most sanctified and beautiful Vestal Virgins; and bow down to the magnificence of Gaius Julius Caesar, for he is the Wild symbol of the game, and substitutes any other symbols on the reels except for the Scatter to complete winning combinations on the payline.

The fierce, brave and strong Gladiators battle it out in the grand Coliseum as the Scatter symbol, which pays out any across the payline. Three or more Gladiator Scatters appearing simultaneously on the reels triggers the second-screen Bonus Feature game.

Here, you are presented with 9 brightly colored and beautifully designed legionary shields, out of which you may choose 4. Each shield you select offers the chance of winning either a cash reward or a 10 Free Spins reward during which all payline wins are doubled.

Glory of Rome Online Slot Overview

Discover the glory, majesty and power of ancient Rome!  See the grandiose monuments, the daunting coliseums, awe-inspiring Pantheons and the spectacular sculptural depictions of formidable gods and courageous heroes. The age of Roman Imperialism and classical antiquity heralded sumptuous, lavish luxury and opulence, culture, education and artistic excellence, all of which lie within the iron rule of the God Emperor, Julius Caesar.

Play Glory of Rome Online Slot, encounter a powerful and expansive era in human history which would forever change the course of its timeline, and perhaps it could change the course of your future too!