Play Golden Goose Winning Wizards Online Slot

Embark on a magical adventure imbued with a touch of pure gold on Golden Goose Winning Wizards Online Slot! Merlin’s magic wand has now been updated by the super-charged bonus power of Microgaming’s™ wildly successful Golden Goose series, resulting in a truly enchanted experience of online casino gaming sorcery that is positively packed with random bonus cash awards, free spins, second screen bonus feature games and an unbeatable collection of magical multiplier figures. And, of course, we cannot forget the absolutely spellbound maximum jackpot cash prize of $120,000.00 awaiting your retrieval at the end of this magical quest!

Golden Goose Winning Wizards

Golden Goose Winning Wizards Online Slot Theme and Features

Golden Goose Winning Wizards Online Slot consists of 5 reels, 20 paylines a 10-coin maximum bet for the base game plus an additional 5 coin bet with which to qualify for the Golden Goose bonus feature.

The Wild symbol is represented by Merlin, a wise old wizard who sports a luxuriously long white beard, a tall, pointy hat and a silken, flowing cape adorned with brightly coloured crescent moons and stars.  This respected member of Guild of Magicians, a select group of wizards, witches, warlocks and mages –age –old keepers of sacred and arcane magical knowledge –casts a potent spell upon the slots by substituting for all other symbols on the reels, aside of the Scatter and Golden Egg Bonus symbols, to complete winning combinations on the payline and double their payout results.

The Scatter symbol is represented by the Magical Crystal Ball, and acts to predict big winnings in your future when paying out from any location on the reels.  Other slots symbols include: The Scepter of Power, the Arcane Grimoire of Spellcraft, the Ring of Wisdom and Magic, and the Enchanted Purple Crow –a regular familiar of wizards.

The Golden Egg Bonus symbol appears on the reels randomly towards the end of the game, and triggers one of four second-screen bonus feature games : (a) Select-A-Card: pick the right card and win up to 11 Free Spins and a 6x multiplier figure on Free Spins wins; (b) Select-an-Egg:  correctly select 1 egg from each reel and you could be the lucky recipient of up to 5,000 coins; (c) Either-Or Award: Pick from an award of either 10,000 coins OR 50 Free Spins whereby all free spins wins are tripled; and (d) Receive a random prize award of up to 2,000 coins.

Golden Goose Winning Wizards Online Slot Overview

From the hallowed priesthood of ancient Egyptian Temples to the classic tales of Merlin, the guardian of Arthur Pendragon, and Gwyndion, the Son of the Trees, wizards, magicians, witches and other revered practitioners of magic have captured our imagination and inspired works of art and fantasy for hundreds of years.

Embark on an authentically enchanted medieval quest of magic and wizardry, powered by the supernatural power of the Goose’s Golden Egg –and you may find yourself enchanted by the wizardly boon of $120,000.00 awaiting your reclamation on Golden Goose Winning Wizards Online Slot!