Play Kathmandu Online Slot

With a truly Eastern feel to Kathmandu Online Slot, you are going to feel like you have taken a step back in the ancient times of the Emerald Valley. Kathmandu is found at the base of the Himalayan Mountains with a foot in the door of China. It’s also known as the City of Temples, a fact which has been beautifully captured in Kathmandu Online Slot.

A screenshot of the Kathmandu Online Slot Gameplay

Kathmandu Online Slot Theme and Features

The Prayer Wheel is the Wild Symbol and substitutes all other symbols except for the Scatter Bell. You can trigger the Free Spins Feature when 3 or more Scatter Bells appear on the Reels. Free Spins gives you 15 Free Spins, and a Mystery Multiplier (between 2 and five times) multiplies any win. To top it all, the Free Spins feature is recursive, and can be re-triggered while the original spin reward is still running. The Temple Symbol becomes a Wild during Free Spins meaning that there are now double the chances that your winnings can dramatically increase.

The Gamble Feature on Kathmandu Online Slot can double or even quadruple your winnings. With the Gamble Feature, you get to choose the correct card or suite. Pick the correct option, and you will have reached your destination. This is the first time a game presents you with 2 Wild Symbols in the Free Spins Feature.

Kathmandu Online Slot Overview

Honour the time of ancient temples and rites which make Kathmandu Online Slot an ever-exciting one