Play Lucky Stars Online Slot

On Lucky Stars Online Slot, your Stars foretell… It’s a great day to stay indoors and make a fortune. This 5-Reel, 20-Payline Video Slot game is raring to give away to the fortunate.

A screenshot of the Lucky Stars Online Slot Gameplay

Lucky Stars Online Slot theme and Features

There are Wilds, Scatters, Multipliers, Bonus Triggers, Bonus Game and Free Spins to aid you on your path to good fortune on Lucky Stars Online Slot. Achievable winnings here are up to 50 000.00 in the base game, 150 000.00 on Free Spins and 10 000.00 on the constellation bonus element. In the special Bonus Feature you get to choose between cash prizes or Free Spins (which are doubled).

On Lucky Stars Online Slot, your prize is doubled if one of more Globe Symbols substitutes in a winning combination. You get up to 22 Free Spins. Winnings on there can be tripled. The theme of the 12 signs of the zodiac is beautifully set out. Look out for the Zodiac Wheels which give 7 free spins (all winnings here are tripled) as well as acting as the Scatter and triggering off the Bonus Feature. Enter the Bonus Level by choosing your star sign from the twelve choices on the Zodiac Wheel.

If your star sign spins up on the Wheel then you get a second Bonus Round where you can take 15 Free Spins which will triple all wins, or you can take a choose-it Bonus whereby you choose between 5 luminary constellations which hide mystery cash prizes. However, if your star doesn’t spin up then consolation prizes are available.

Lucky Stars Online Slot Overview

If you are feeling lucky and your right hand is itchy then settle down with a game of Lucky Stars Online Slot. It’s written in the stars. May your star shine brightly and bring you all the good luck you are looking for.