Play Magic Spell Online Slot

On Magic Spell Online Slot, Leo, Catrina and Baz are a catty bunch looking to put some serious spells on you. Cat Skills Magic Academy presents a magical adventure which can lead you to the ends of the rainbow.

A screenshot of the Magic Spell Online Slot Gameplay

Magic Spell Online Slot Themes and Features

There is a multi-tiered Bonus Game which can bring you some serious rewards. The fortunate will unlock the hidden library on Magic Spell Online Slot and unleash the magical treasures so that they can claim the magical prizes. You need to find the Golden Key that will open the door to the Secret Library Bonus, and unlock a vault of hidden magical treasures. Once you have the Key, you are granted permission to enter.

Now you have to select a Spell Book in order to win a prize. This will also help you to advance to the next level. If you find the Magical Crystal Orb, then you win all the magic values on that Library Shelf. Be careful with your pickings, because there are some very complicated spells. Be very quiet about your Library tour, as you don’t want to be expelled from the Library.

On Magic Spell Online Slot, Master Tom is someone you need to befriend as soon as possible as he can bring you to a 5 times Multiplier as well as show you the way towards the Big Win Bonuses concealed amid the dusty spell-books of the Grand Library. Are you spellbound yet?

Magic Spell Online Slot Overview

In the Base Game of Magic Spell Online Slot, rewards of up to 100 000.00 can be paid out. In the Bonus game, a fantastic 75 000.00 coins can be won. That is as mystical and magical as can be.