Play Muchos Grande Online Slot

Muchos Grande Online Slot is set in the deserts of Mexico become the warm air and fiery hot sand, lulling you nearer. As you take a bite of your taco, your eyes widen, you break into a sweat and your mouth sets alight. This is the world of Muchos Grande Online Slot.

A screenshot of Muchos Grande Online Slot Gameplay

Muchos Grande Online Slot Theme

Muchos Grande Online Slot is set in Mexico: the land of deserts and hot, spicy foods. Seek and thou shall find. . . There are three main symbols to hunt for; the rattle snake (scatter), the golden coin (wild) and the treasure map (bonus). The Golden Coin is the Symbol that can bring you great rewards. It will substitute for all Symbols except for the Bonus icon or the Scattered Rattlesnake.

Muchos Grande Online Slot Symbols and Prizes

Find 5 Golden Coins and you will go Wild with a 9000 times Multiplier whilst playing Muchos Grande Online Slot. The Scattered Rattlesnake is splattering rewards all around. If you find 2 or more of these snakes on the Reels then you can start multiplying your rewards. If you find 5 Scatters across the Reels, then you could win with a 400 times Multiplier! A treasure map veils the secret hiding place of the treasure you seek. Prizes are secreted in a place you must find. You will search from canyons to desert. And if you find the treasure hidden in the hot, country, you will receive an extra 300 coins. Si Si Amigos. Come to the land of fire and flame and find chilli-hot treasures!