Play Family Guy Online Slot

Family Guy online slot game is brought to you by IGT, a software company that is well-known for developing high quality games. This online slot game is themed after the well-loved comic series, Family Guy. The characters of this comic series are recreated with exceptional graphics and background music from the series.

Image of Family Guy Logo

You will be invited to go on a journey of winning with Family Guy favourites such as Stewie, Meg and Peter. If you haven’t watched the absolutely hilarious Family Guy, no need to worry because you can still enjoy the game with picture perfect graphics and clear sound. This online slot game falls under the category of one of the most sought after online slot games, Progressive jackpots. This simply means this offers players a greater chance of winning big. Family Guy’s 3 x 5 reel is played with 50cent coins where players can increase the value of the coin.

Family Guy online slot theme, symbols and scatters

Family Guy online slot machine game symbols are represented by characters in the series, such as Peter, his wife Lois, their children and objects like their television and Stewie’s teddy bear. This online slot machine is easy to use with very clear instructions. Because this online game is a progressive jackpot, it offers players the chance to win thousands of pounds!

The wild symbol for the game is the Family Guy symbol. That’s not the end of it, Family Guy online slots offers 3 bonus rounds which give players an even greater chance to win big. The bonus rounds are specific to three characters, Stweie, Peter and Lois.

Peter’s bonus round includes spotting a huge chicken which is Peter’s biggest nightmare in the series, in this round you can win pay out bonuses or multipliers. In this case the more chicken symbols the more players win.

For Lois’ bonus round, Peter shows up as a wild symbol and for Stewie’s round you will be tasked with destroying certain parts of the world.

Image of Family Guy Online Slot in play

Family Guy online slot overview

The Family Guy online slot game is very entertaining, with the concept of the game being heavily centred on the series. If you watched the series you will be totally entertained by this game. If you haven’t, you might not find it humorous; however the chances of winning will definitely make up for it with bonus rounds and the progressive jackpot. We at Casino UK give this online slot a big thumbs up for the amazing sound and graphic. The opportunity to win big definitely makes it worth playing.