Play Inca Gold Online Slot

Welcome to Inca Gold Online Slot! Follow in the footsteps of Manco Capac, the founder of the most powerful nation in Pre-Columbian South America, and journey to place where the ruling Ayllu extolled their aristocratic rule, where Apu Inti, the Sun God, was both worshipped and feared for his changing moods of benevolence and bloodthirst for human sacrifices, and where pure Incan Gold flows like the waters of Lake Titicaca and roaming herds of Llamas across the rolling Andean peaks and valleys.

Inca Gold Online Slot is a 5-Reel Video Slot that steps players into the history and ancient traditions of this grandiose, powerful and opulent Andean civilization, which are held dearly today by their surviving descendants, the Quecha and the Aymara, and virtually represented here with 20 paylines and a maximum bet of 20 coins per payline. Each coin bears a monetary value ranging from $0.01 to $0.25.

A screenshot of the Inca Gold Online Slot Game

Inca Gold Online Slot Theme and Features

This culturally and fiscally enriching South American adventure Inca Gold Online Slot, emulates all the bountiful riches of the Inca with a cornucopia of Wilds, Scatters, up to 35 Free Spins, and a second-screen Bonus Feature that will take you straight to the steps of the Incan Pyramid Temple of the Sun. Reach the top steps of the Temple and win a maximum jackpot prize of 472,000 coins, the cash equivalent of up to $118,000.00!

The Wild symbol is represented by the Incan Priest, the keeper of the ancient ways of the gods and the ancestors. Just as the priest puts himself into a deep state of trance in order to travel to the Underworld and communicate with the spirits, so too does the Wild Symbol travel across the paylines, substituting for all other symbols except the Scatter to complete winning combinations on the payline, which pay out double on payline winnings.

The Incan Tree of Life Amulet represents the Scatter symbol of the game, and carries some magical powers of its own: when 3 or more. Amulet symbols are scattered across the reels, they trigger two bonus award features, namely:

  • A bonus feature of 5 Free Spins, during which all free spins wins are doubled
  • The Incan Pyramid Temple second screen bonus game: the aim of the game is to correctly select a block per each level of the pyramid (there are 4 in all) to reveal an award of additional Free Spins and prizes.

Reach the top block of the Pyramid and reveal the ancient, concealed Incan treasure –a multiplier figure award of 150x on your triggering bet.

Inca Gold Online Slot Overview

If you do not win, you still receive a consolation prize of 2x the payout on your triggering bet. Experience the power, the technological advancement, the grandeur, and the sheer wealth of the mighty nation, and stand the chance to win maximum jackpot prizes that are worth their weight in Inca Gold Online Slot!