Play James Cameron’s Avatar Online Slot

International Gaming Technology (IGT) comes together with Twentieth Century Fox to create yet another epic entertainment product; the James Cameron’s Avatar Online Slot. The video slot game is themed around the hugely successful Avatar blockbuster movie. IGT takes this James Cameron classic and turns it into an equally engaging video slot game series. 

Image of James Cameron's Avatar Online Slot logo

James Cameron’s Avatar Online Slot game has 5 reels and 25 paylines. The maximum bet is 360 coins per spin. The Avatar based game is a part of the MegaJackpots progressive jackpots series. This jackpot series is renowned for creating millionaires. James Cameron’s Avatar Online Slot is a very customizable game which allows the player to customise their gaming experience. This feature is enabled by progressing in the game and unlocking new content. Once content has been unlocked you will not lose it. The online slot keeps your progress saved on your profile from the first time you log in to play. This is another revolutionary innovation from IGT. This is the kind of innovation that keeps gamers coming back.

James Cameron’s Avatar Online Slot Theme, Symbols and Scatters

The game is set in Pandora and players get a real feeling of facing the Na’vi vs. Human struggle. The Na’vi are the native inhabitants of the new exotic world. Fans of the movie and slot enthusiasts are in for a wonderful surprise with this game. The graphics and sounds literally take you into the magic of Pandora. IGT leaves the imagination wanting for nothing in this video slot.

The Avatar Online Slot game has unique bonus games and bonus features.  James Cameron’s Avatar Video Slot has the Banshee wilds feature and the Arrow boost multiplier. The bonus features this video slot game includes are the Warrior free games such as, The Hunt and Take Flight. These are activities synonymous with the occurrences in the movie. This awesome game based on a revolutionary movie manages to do the impossible. Improve on perfection. IGT have really produced 3D graphics that challenge the award winning film itself.

Bonus games in the Avatar series include free spin bonuses and multipliers. The Arrow boost multiplier bonus can “boost” your winnings as the name implies. The minimum number of free spins you can receive from the video slots is five spins. There are a number of bonus features and rewards. Each of these features involves the player taking part in activities that are taken from the movie. As the players take part in these activities they get to earn credits and unlock new content. Players get to unlock an Avatar to use in the game as their character.  There is a selection of ten characters to choose from, five male and five female.

Image of James Cameron's Avatar Online Slot in play

Overview of James Cameron’s Avatar Online Slot

This arguably one of the best designed video slots out there. The unlocked content does not seem to improve your chances of winning. This does not go to say however, that they do not improve your game play and heighten your excitement throughout. This is an extremely well executed slot which can be played and loved by all.