Play Pollen Nation Online Slot

If you are looking for a sweet deal, then you are right at home on Pollen Nation Online Slot! This game is full of bee-dazzling prizes, and gives you a sugary welcome to make you buzz. Take to the beehives with the Pollen Nation Online Slot 5-Reel, 25-Payline Video Slot game which is based on the theme of Bees, and it captures the theme bee-autifully with icons such as the Queen Bee, Worker Bees, Royal Jelly, Honey Comb, Pollen Puffs, Bees Wax, amongst an array of other Symbols.

A screenshot of Pollen Nation Online Slot

Pollen Nation Online Slot Theme and Features

The Queen Bee is Wild with excitement because she is hoping that you will find her 5 times concurrently. If you find 5 Wilds on an Active Payline, then you could earn yourself a 6000 times Multiplier!The Scatter Bee is waiting to multiply your winnings on your Total Bet up to 80 times.

To activate the Babee Bonus Game, which is a pick until you pop game, you need to find 3 or more Babee Symbols on the Reels. A large Honeycomb will appear where 30 cells of honey are waiting to be popped and let their honeyed prizes flow. You can keep popping honey cells until the “Stop” cell is popped. Then your wins are totalled. You can, however, win an extra amount from the “Stop” cell, just to sweeten this already sugary deal.

Pollen Nation Online Slot Overview

Pollen Nation Online Slotis going to keep you as busy as a bee. It’s all about winning the golden nectar’s fortunes. Money Honey Money… oh it’s so funny… in the Queen Bee’s world!