Play Skull Duggery Online Slot

Skull Duggery Online Slot offers 5-Reels and 9-Paylines, and has the feel of the Caribbean with all the mouth-watering fruits and beautifully coloured characters. We hope you have your sea legs ready for a sea-faring adventure that’s going to have you hanging from the ceilings with excitement.

A screenshot of Skull Duggery Online Slot

Skull Duggery Online Slot Theme and Features

Skull Duggery Online Slot has a 3 times Multiplier and Scatter possibilities that make this game an absolute hit. Spin until you can get to the Booty Bonus. Under the darkness of night, one of the crew members stole the treasure and hid it on a nearby island.

The pirate captain discovers the loss and lines up 5 of his crew members are on the decks of the Pirate ship. One of these is about to walk the plank. On this Bonus Round of Skull Duggery Online Slot, you have to select 1 out of 5 possibilities, Choose who you think should be walking the plank today… To reach the Bonus level, you need to spin 3 or more of the Scattered Skull in order to open up the Bonus Screen.

Skull Duggery Online Slot Scatter

The Scatter Skull can win you Multipliers, like the ones for 2, 7, 20 or 200. Take a walk down the plank have the chance to find the pirates booty and walk away with the money and your life on Skull Duggery Online Slot.