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Sneak A Peek – Hunky Heroes Online Slot is a 5-Reel, 9-Payline Video Slot game that is the sequel to Sneak A Peak – Doctor Doctor. Take a peak into the seductive world of gorgeous, muscled men: 5 heroes who are ready to jump to your every beck and call. They are tall, lean and handsome, and will protect you at any cost, as well as lavishing gifts aplenty and spoiling you to the core. These hunky guys are purely modern day protagonists. Meet Roger (the passionate pilot), Wade (the naughty naval officer), Duncan (the cute cop), Patrick (the fiery fireman) and Brad (the loving lifesaver).

A screenshot of Sneak a Peak - Hunky Heroes Online Slot

Sneak A Peek – Hunky Heroes Online Slot Theme and Features

On Sneak A Peek – Hunky Heroes Online Slot, the Wild Heart can complete winning combinations. Also, if you find the Bonus Symbol on Reel 1 and a Hunky Hero pops into the corresponding spot on Reel 5, then you stand in line for the Sneak a Peek Bonus round. You get to choose 12 out of the 15 choices available. What sort of package would you prefer? If Reels 1, 2 and 3 allows 3 or more adjacent Scattered Packages to fall on them, then the Free Spins Bonus kicks into place. Here you are awarded with Free Spins.

Sneak A Peek – Hunky Heroes Online Slot Free Spins

Free Spins will award you with a minimum of 3 Free Spins, and a countless maximum. If you find 2 Unique Symbols on the 4th and 5th Reels, then you could receive a Multiplier up to the value of 10. In the Sneak A Peek – Hunky Heroes Online Slot Bonus game, you need to match 3 of the same item in order to complete a set. If you make bad choices the round is over. If you match correctly, then you win a Multiplier plus a Sneak a Peak Bonus. This game works on the Cumulative Free Spins concept and focuses on Free Spins and Multipliers, giving you ample opportunities to win big, and you do want to win big because… size does count on Sneak A Peek – Hunky Heroes Online Slot!