Play Starburst Online Slot

The Starburst Online Slot is an enchanting experience for all online gamers of all gaming aptitudes. It’s accessible within seconds and easy to play, with exciting bonuses and numerous opportunities to withdraw a wad of cash.

An image of the Starburst Poster

Whilst the design is simplistic, it has much to offer and the beauty of it all is the convenience – players needn’t move from where they are to get their entertainment fix.

Starburst Online Slots Theme and Features

Starburst Online Slot theme emulates a starry evening sky in the background with the chance to wish upon many stars for the possibility to claim great winnings.  Sparkling diamonds are scattered all over the reels which creates a rich sense of opportunity and players will feel they’ve instantly hit the jackpot with all the offers available to them.

There is no progressive jackpot attached to this slot game and there are only 10 pay lines on which to place bets, but do not despair because this slot has a history and the bigger the wager, the more money a player can win. With Expanding Wilds and a Winning Both Ways feature, player’s chances to strike it big are bigger and better.

A screenshot of Starburst Gameplay

The video graphics on Starburst Online Slot are rather simplistic in style, but the sensational colours that constantly flash before player’s eyes, definitely makes up for it. The lights create much intrigue and excitement and everyone likes a bit of first class treatment every now and then. The different coloured pay lines are an added bonus because this makes it very easy for players to see where the lines are when they’ve hit the big time.

Overview of Star Burst Online Slots

Starburst Online Slot is an above-average video slot that will broaden player’s horizons with its many grand offers available to all players. With 5 reels, various Wild symbols, a Win Both Ways feature and the Expanding Wilds, it’ll be easier to grab great wins, but ultimately the bonuses make up for the all-round design of this video slot.