Play Tornado Farm Escape Online Slot

Tornado Farm Escape Online Slot is the innovative Video Slot powered by NetEnt – the leading digital entertainment company. Players can get ready for a whirlwind of fun with superb graphics, high-quality sound effects and exciting bonus features.

An Image of Tornado Farm Escape Poster

Before a player starts with Tornado Farm Escape Online Slot, the bet size needs to be chosen in order to continue. Players can also personalise the game by turning the sounds on or off, as well as adjusting the graphics quality between high, medium and low.

Tornado Farm Escape Online Slot Theme and Features

The 5 Reel, 20 Payline Slot game is set on a farm with funky animals escaping their farmer by catching a tornado ride to a holiday destination.  While the farm animals spin high above the earth, players will get blown away by a stormy adventure as hot and cold winds activate the Tornado feature as well as Storm feature.

The Tornado Farm Escape Online Slot Storm feature will be randomly activated during a Spin and will move one position at a time in any direction over the reels, changing at least one symbol into an alternative Wild symbol. When the cloud disappears from the reels, the Storm feature will come to an end and the game round winnings will then be revealed and credited (if there are any).

A screenshot of Tornado Farm Escape Gameplay

If a Hot symbol lands on any location on Reel 1 and a Cold symbol lands on any location on Reel 5, the Tornado feature is activated. The Tornado feature picks up symbols and any Wilds on the reels, allocating coin wins for each.  The Tornado feature ends when a Spin doesn’t contain any Wild or active symbols.

Tornado Farm Escape Online Slot Overview

Tornado Farm Escape Online Slot is structured in a simple yet adventurous way. The features and bonuses in this game are bound to appeal to every type of casino fan.