Full History of the La Liga League and Facts Per Year

Commonly known as La Liga, the Primera División of the Liga Nacional de Fútbol Professional (LFP) is the top professional association football division of the Spanish football league system and a favourite within the sports betting world.

Sponsored by BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria), a multinational Spanish banking group, the league is contested by 20 teams.

A total of 60 teams have competed in the league, nine of which were crowned champions.

The UEFA’s league coefficient stated that La Liga is the strongest league in Europe and that it has been the top league in Europe for more than 16 years. Statistically La Liga clubs have won the most UEFA Champions League tournaments, a total of 14 to be precise. Read on to discover the best online casinos to practice football betting at.

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Small Facts about La Liga League:

  • It’s based players have won the highest number ofFIFA World Player of the Year awards, totalling to 11.
  • It’s based players have won 18 Ballon d’Or awards.
  • La Liga based players represent the highest number of FIFPro World CI.
  • La Liga based players represent the highest number of UEFA Team of the Year places.
  • Sevilla are the joint most successful club in the UEFA Europe League.

Top 10 La Liga Top Scorers All-Time

Player Goals Appearances
Lionel Messi 273 303
Telmo Zarra 251 278
Hugo Sánchez 234 378
Raúl 228 550
Alfredo Di Stéfano 227
César Rodríguez 223 353
Quini 219
Pahíno 210 278
Christiano Ronaldo 207 187
Edmundo Suárez 195



La Liga Fun Facts

  • Real Madrid have 3 of the top scorers in La Liga
  • 15 teams in La Liga have negative goal differences
  • Real Madrid have kept their second clean sheet at home in La Liga this season
  • Manolo Preciado is the longest serving manager in La Liga  and was fired recently
  • The oldest footballer to debut in Spain’s La Liga was actually an Englishman. Harry Lowe (born in 1886) was an impressive 48 years and 226 days old when he played his first and last match for Basque side Real Sociedad.
  • Another honest contender in the English Premier League, but in terms of stats provided by Uefa’s league coefficient, Spain’s ‘Primera División’ is still the world’s best league and has been for the past 5 years.
  • Spain is Recreativo de Huelva currently playing in the second division is the oldest club.
  • Telmo Zarra in 277 games scored 251 goals for Athletic Bilbao from 1940 to 1955 was the all-time top scorer in the Spanish top flight. But Barcelona’s Argentinian magician Leo Messi is just six goals away from taking the crown himself having hit the back of the net 245 times in 278 appearances for the ‘azulgranas’.

An image of BARCELONA - DECEMBER 16: Lionel Messi celebrating a goal at the Spanish League match between FC Barcelona and Atletico de Madrid, final score 4-1, on December 16, 2012, in Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spai

Full History of the La Liga League and Facts Per Year:

Year Info Winners
1927 José María Acha proposes the idea of a national league in Spain.
1929 First Liga. Barcelona
1930 Athletic Bilbao win Premier Division. Athletic Bilbao
1931 Athletic Bilbao win Premier Division. Athletic Bilbao
1932 Real Madrid win their first title. Real Madrid
1933 Real Madrid
1934 Real Madrid win their first title. Athletic Bilbao
1935 Real Betis win their only to date title. Real Betis
1936 Athletic Bilbao win Premier Division. Spanish civil war starts. Athletic Bilbao
1937 Spanish Civil War.
1938 Spanish Civil War.
1939 Spanish Civil War.
1940 Atlético Aviación win first Liga title. Atlético Aviación
1941 Atlético Aviación win. Atlético Aviación
1942 Pre-war squad Athletic de Bilbao win three Liga titles. Valencia
1943 Athletic de Bilbao
1944 Valencia
1945 Barcelona begin to emerge. Barcelona
1946 Sevilla win their only title to date. Sevilla
1947 Valencia
1948 Barcelona
1949 Barcelona
1950 Coached under catenaccio mastermind Helenio Herrera. Atletico de Madrid
1951 Atletico de Madrid
1952 FC Barcelona
1953 FC Barcelona
1954 Madrid win the first division for the first time as Real Madrid. Real Madrid
1955 Real Madrid
1956 Athletic de Bilbao
1957 Only Athletic Bilbao interrupted their sequence Real Madrid
1958 Real Madrid
1959 Barcelona, with a team coached by Helenio Herrera and featuring Luis Suárezein. Barcelona
1960 Barcelona
1961 Real Madrid dominated the Primera División, being crowned champion 14 times. Real Madrid
1962 This included a five-in-a-row sequence from 1961 to 1965, Real Madrid
1963 and two three-in-a-row sequences (1967-1969 and 1978-1980). Real Madrid
1964 Real Madrid
1965 Real Madrid
1966 Only Atlético Madrid offered Real Madrid any serious challenge, adding four more titles to their tally. Atletico de Madrid
1967 Real Madrid dominated with a three-in-a-row sequence. Real Madrid
1968 Real Madrid
1969 Real Madrid
1970 Atletico de Madrid
1971 Only Valencia and Barcelona managed to break the dominance of Real Madrid. Valencia CF
1972 Real Madrid
1973 Atletico Madrid
1974 Barcelona
1975 Real Madrid
1976 Real Madrid
1977 Atletico Madrid
1978 Real Madrid
1979 Real Madrid
1980 Real Madrid
1981 The Madrid winning sequence was ended. Real Sociedad win their first-ever title. Real Sociedad
1982 Real Sociedad retained it in 1982 and their two in a row was followed by another by their fellow Basques Athletic Bilbao. Real Sociedad
1983 Athletic Bilbao
1984 Athletic Bilbao
1985 Terry Venables led Barcelona to a solitary title in 1985. Barcelona
1986 Real Madrid win another five in a row sequence. Real Madrid
1987 Their team guided by Leo Beenhakker. Real Madrid
1988 Real Madrid
1989 Real Madrid
1990 Real Madrid
1991 Barcelona win Primera División four times between 1991 and 1994, Barcelona
1992 and win the European Cup in 1992. Barcelona
1993 Barcelona
1994 Barcelona
1995 Laudrup then moved to Real Madrid after a fall-out with Cruyff, and helped them end Barcelona’s run in 1995. Real Madrid
1996 Atlético Madrid win their ninth Primera División title in 1996. Atletico Madrid
1997 Real Madrid adds another Liga trophy to their cabinet in 1997. Real Madrid
1998 Johan Cruyff returns to Barcelona as manager in 1988. Barcelona
1999 Barcelona win the title in 1998 and 1999. Barcelona
2000 Deportivo La Coruña became the ninth team to be crowned champions. Deportivo Coruna
2001 Real Madrid win two more Liga titles in 2001 and 2003. Real Madrid
2002 Real Madrid win the UEFA Champions League in 2000 and 2002. Valencia
2003 Real Madrid
2004 Rafael Benítez led the club to a Liga title in 2002 and winning the double with a league title and the UEFA Cup in 2004. Valencia
2005 The 2004-05 season saw a resurgent Barcelona, inspired by the brilliant Ronaldinho win their first title of the new century. Barcelona
2006 Barcelona
2007 Real Madrid win their third league title in 2007 after a three-year drought. Real Madrid
2008 Real Madrid
2009 Barcelona add three straight Liga titles. Barcelona
2010 Barcelona
2011 Barcelona
2012 Real Madrid win their 32nd title under the management of José Mourinho. Real Madrid
2013 Barcelona
2014 The most expensive transfer in the world was Gareth Bale who was bought by Real Madrid C.F. in La Liga 2013-14 for £85.3 million

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