Chelsea Manager Antonio Conte Denies ‘humiliating’ Manchester United Boss

Manchester United boss José Mourinho has accused Chelsea boss Antonio Conte of humiliating him as he experienced his worst defeat against Chelsea. Mourinho’s side conceded a goal after just 30 seconds into the game and suffered a 4-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge. United boss had been angered by Conte’s attempts to stir up the home support after midfielder N’Golo Kanté scored Chelsea’s fourth goal, and challenged his opposite number as they shook hands after the match.

Antonio Conte

The Portuguese told Conte in Italian at the final whistle that he should behave like “is a 1-0, not 4-0”. Mourinho implied he had essentially been looking to humiliate Conte in front of his former supporters. The Italian denied that had been his inspiration, clarifying post-match that he had merely been wanting to create positive feedback from the fans after his team’s most remarkable performance to date under his management.

José Mourinho and Antonio Conte choose not to elaborate on their post-match conversation

Both Mourinho and Conte chose not to explain further on their post-match discussion to the media. However, both managers did not deny the report of events, recorded by the Italian television, when it was shown to them. The 47-year-old Conte commented by saying he thinks that a private discussion must remain private. He added that if someone discovers something, it’s OK, but for him, a private discussion remains private.